Kevin Lum Headshot.jpg

Name: Kevin Lum

DJ Name: Lumchux

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Favorite Genre: EDM & House Music

What are some of your hobbies/interests?

Let me just say it, I’m a HUGE video game nerd! I love playing with friends and I love playing online competitively. If I’m not soaking up my time slaying bad guys, I’m usually in my studio writing new tunes. Not sure what I love more video games or music? I’m a raver at heart and a nerd of life!

Why did you become a DJ?

I love music and grew up with it as a kid. LOL! I discovered DJing when I was interning at Sight & Sound. I used to watch the crew around here just knock it out of park and I wanted a piece of the action. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production from The Art Institute of Las Vegas, I decided to take the starlight and continue living my passions as a performer.

What’s important to you about working at Sight & Sound Events?

Having fun. It’s not every day you meet someone who enjoys doing what they love. Every day I work here is always an adventure and I enjoy having a good time sharing that great energy with clients. Sight & Sound Events truly is a fun company for fun people, I’m one of them!

What’s your favorite song to play at a wedding and why?

Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. It’s absolutely amazes me to watch people moon walk. Every person gets to enjoy the spotlight as they make their attempts being a pop star lol.

What general advice would you give a couple preparing for their wedding?

Build trust quickly and listen to your heart. You know when you’re working with someone who cares, you can feel it. As long as you feel good the whole way through in the planning process your outcome is going to be spectacular. Don’t let your celebration not be the best day of your life. Not only are you celebrating the unity of two souls, you’re also celebrating the gathering of your friends and family.

What should every couple know before meeting with their wedding DJ?

DJ’s can’t conjure magic like a wizard but they can certainly stir a pot like a well seasoned chef. We know the right ingredients to get the aroma going. I bet you eat great food, let me cook it! ;)

What has been your most memorable event moment thus far? 

My favorite event was when I performed at MPI Convention for Caesars Entertainment. They flew me all the way out to New Jersey to rock their party for a grand opening at the casino. It was a prestigious event that was way over the top. They had big production lights on the dance floor and the best sound system you could possibly imagine. Full sound subwoofers punched your chest with every beat I played! Not only was it one of the highest energy events I’ve ever done, I had a packed dance floor for 4 hours of straight non-stop partying. What a rush!

Describe your DJ style? 

With every tune I play I mix a piece of my soul into the room. I take a little bit of this, I mix a little bit of that, and before you know it we’ve just launched our dance floor to the moon! I’m very flexible and fluent in all genres of music, and most importantly I’m reading my crowd to gauge reactions. I’m learning quickly about who I’m working with and what they like. I’m mixing music so Sally from Human Resources can dance with Johnny from Janitorial services. I’m playing tracks so Grandma can get up and feel like she has life again. It doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter what your age is, or who you’re with. We all speak one universal language and that language is music. It brings me incredible joy when I can see people on my dance floor bond in ways they never knew they could. When I’m playing music for an audience i’m giving. I’m giving it everything I got to make it an experience for them. And when I find time, when there is an opening for me; I play what I like. My internal rhythm is 4 on the 4 dance music. I love EDM, I love raving, and I love tracks that make your heart wanna jump out of your chest. I’m anticipating the perfect moment when all hands are in the air and you simply just let loose. You let it all go! You forget who you were before you got on the dance floor, and all you know now is you got to move. You gotta shake it. You gotta dance your freakin’ butt off! You won’t remember when the last song ended and the new one began. You’re in the zone. We’re here, and we’re on this rollercoaster together. Reach the peak, throw your hands up, and let go!

How do you know when you’re doing a good job?: 

I can feel it on the inside. I see a smile on everyone’s face and the energy is radiating out of you like you just hit the lottery.

How would others describe you?: 

High energy, direct, fun, and committed to excellence!

What was the last thing you said to yourself just before you got out of bed this morning?:

Let’s make it happen!

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